woensdag 24 augustus 2011

2e mail van vriend Hùng

Aan het eind van mijn vakantie heb ik hem pas geantwoord. Ik vertelde hem ovet de dingen die ik gedaan heb. Hij wil graag gids worden en daar volgt hij een opleiding of cursus voor. 


Dear Chis
Hallo , Hoe gaat het met Jou !

Thank for your email.
Now maybe, you coming back to your country. I thought you will not reply my email. now im very happy when I read your email. maybe You had great day in Viet Nam - a wonderful and friendly country.

With a long holiday, I also missed my family such as you. I met a lot of Dutch in Sa Pa. I said '' hallo , hoe gaat het met jou " and I saw they ware very please such as you wrote :  "Chào Hùng" I surprised.

Everything is good, however a little busy. when i met you at Đặng Trung Hotel. I just have come to Sa Pa 1 week. and everything is very new with me from life, people, climate...and I have begun to speak English. it is different with that I studied at my school. and You help me very much. now I can speak English self - confident. I studying French with 2 person in m hotel. they also fervent and kind like you.

One tomorrow maybe I will go around the World . that is my hope from childhood.  and sure visit to Holland, country of Tulip flower,
windmills, total football - orange wind , and my idol Vandersar.

you will warmly welcome me, good friend ?

Goodluck for you and your family . if have chance please come to Việt Nam again when I will your tourguide.

Văn Hùng Lê

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